1. Where is the newly created Ringtone file?

Ringtone: sdcard/ringtones
Notification: sdcard/notifications
Alarm: sdcard/alarms
Music: sdcard/music

2. Why "Ringtone Maker" need CONTACTS permission?

After you create the ringtone, there is a choice to assign it to your contact. If you choose this option, "Ringtone Maker" need to read your contact data and show them in the list, then you can assign the new ringtone to somebody. "Ringtone Maker" will not collect your contact information.

3. I can´t see my music files, why?

"Ringtone Maker" only display music which it supported. So only mp3, wav, amr, 3gpp, aac and m4a music will be displayed. And if you just transfer music to your phone, the database of Android System has not been updated yet. Please try "Scan" menu of "Ringtone Maker". If still not work, Google Play Music can´t be display, as its hidden in special way, other app can´t access it.
Workaround : You can access Google Music with the Chrome browser on your phone. Select the desktop site. Select your desired song, click on the 3 dots on the right. A window will pop up, giving you options, including download to device. Download and then use "Ringtone Maker". It will now be able to be found on your device.

4. It only load first few seconds. Why?

Some other users also have similar problem, they send music file to me. It seems the music file which have .mp3 suffix are not real mp3 file, but AAC. After I changed the suffix from mp3 to m4a, "Ringtone Maker" can recognize it correctly. Please try. Hope it help! Or could you send me the music file for debugging? Thanks. ringtone.sky@gmail.com

5. Why recording file can´t be edited?

Some of the recording type is QCP format, this is not supported by "Ringtone Maker" yet. Please use built-in recorder of "Ringtone Maker".

6. How to remove AD?

AD is support for future development. If you don´t like AD, there is paid version. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.herman.ringtone.paid

7. I can´t hear anything. It seems music is playing, but no sound.

Android control volume for Ringtone and Media separately. "Ringtone Maker" play Ringtone by media type. So if you can´t hear the music, please increase the volume while playing.

8. Why "Ringtone Maker" can´t edit WMA format?

Currently "Ringtone Maker" only support few format, MP3, AAC/MP4 (including unprotected iTunes music), WAV, 3GPP/AMR. WMA and OGG are not supported now. We will try to update in future.

9. It can only save 15 seconds, it´s too short.

"Ringtone Maker" doesn´t have length limitation. You can select any long you want, just adjust the length by drag the starting and ending bar.

10. It has update in Google Play market, but I always failed to update.

Go to settings SD card and unmount SD card then go to market and download app after download go back to settings SD and mount card and it should work again.

11. My contact e-mail address, I´d like to help you for any problem.